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This is our space to share some of the knowledge we've gained over the last 32 years of being in business, supplying real Christmas Trees.

Decorating your own Christmas wreath

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Placing a  wreath on your front door is all about welcoming people in. You can make this a unique and personal welcome by decorating your own fir or holly wreath.

Each year at Cirencester Christmas Trees we get out the glue gun, florist wires and get creative so here are some top tips from us.

  • The base- you can make this from scratch from an oasis ring or making a moss ring- this is very time-consuming. Alternatively you can buy a plain fir or holly ring (we sell them from £11)
  • The Decorations- you don't need to spend any money on these.  You could go foraging for cones, holly, ivy, old man's beard. Or raid the Christmas decorations for some baubles and ribbons. Or dry some fruit in the oven for a fruity feel.
We like using a combination of silk flowers, spraypainted cones and mini-baubles which we can re-use every year,
In our Christmas cabin this year we have a selection of cones and dried fruit which would be ideal for wreath decorations


  • Attaching it together- a gluegun is the easiest and quickest way to attach things. Alternatively you can use florist wire, which you wrap around the decorations and then poke into the ring to get secure.


      For inspiration, here are some examples of ones we have made this year and are for sale (if you just don't have time).