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Christmas Blog

This is our space to share some of the knowledge we've gained over the last 32 years of being in business, supplying real Christmas Trees.

How to choose a Christmas tree stand

Monday, November 16, 2015

We sell over 23 stands for trees ranging from 4ft to 15ft, so to help you choose the most suitable Christmas tree stand for you, here is a guide of things to consider and which stands fit the bill (long gone are the days of trying to get a tree to stand up straight in a bucket of sand and modern houses are too hot for drilled wooden stumps- Christmas trees really should be watered)

  • - Size and spread

The taller the tree the wider the branches are so you need a tree which stay stable with a wide enough base. Check what height each stand will go up to. The Titan Christmas tree stands are the best for trees 10-15ft 

  • - Speed and ease

The simplest stands to use are the Quick stands which have four long prongs that go up through the branches. There are two sizes for trees up to 7 and 10ft. The Krinner Christmas tree stand has a foot pump to tighten up clasps around the trunk.

The CincoCast Iron and wooden barrels have screws that you tighten into the tree and can adjust to get the tree straight.

  • - Holds water

At Cirencester Christmas Trees we recommend stands that hold water. Even watering the Non-drop Nordmans is important to keep them fresh, green and lush otherwise they will droop. 

The Christmas Tree stands with the most area for water are the Quick Stands, Cincos, and Krinners

You can fit a small amount of water in the Wooden Barrels, Cast Iron, Titan stands.

  • - Decorative

The most aesthetically pleasing are the Cast Iron stands and the Wooden Barrels

Tip: Make a note of where you have stored your Christmas Tree stand, so you don’t need to buy a new one next year!

Selection of Christmas tree stands  

Head to the Christmas tree stands page to see the full selection. We ship stands around the UK, and can deliver stands with Christmas tree deliveries around Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. You can also come and buy a stand from our premises in Tarlton near Cirencester, Gloucestershire.