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This is our space to share some of the knowledge we've gained over the last 32 years of being in business, supplying real Christmas Trees.

How to put up a Christmas tree with ease and speed

Monday, November 16, 2015

After 32 years of selling Christmas Trees, we have trialled many ways of putting up Christmas trees and so we think we have found the easiest and quickest way to do it.

No one wants there Christmas tree to look like it is drunk, and yet every year we hear about the hours of frustration with buckets and stones, poked eyes and family frustrations as people wrestle to get their tree upright. So here is our five steps for putting up a Christmas tree with ease and speed.

1. Keep the net on

Not only does the net protect the tree during transport, it also protects you when getting it into a stand!

2. Choose a stand suitable for the size of the tree

It can take hours to get a tree straight in a bucket of sand or stones, only for it to get destabilised by a passing cat or child.

Instead choose a stand, that will adequately support the spread of the tree. On our Christmas tree stand website page, it states what size tree each stand is best for. A stand for a 4ft tree will not provide adequate support for a 7ft tree.

We also recommend choosing a stand that holds water, as Christmas trees can drink up to a pint of water a day.

3. Saw a slice off the truck

Like a cut flower, Christmas trees need a fresh cut to draw up water. So cut a slice off the trunk with a saw, not a breadknife as some customers report using! 

4. Position the tree

Choose a location away from underfloor heating, open fires and radiators (or turn the radiator down). If you have small children or pets, consider raising the tree up to avoid any playing with baubles or getting needles in their paws.

5. Erect the tree

With the net still on, place the tree in the stand and tighten it up making sure the stand is straight. Fill the stand with water and finally you can cut the net off.

Time to decorate!

Selection of stands 

Cirencester Christmas Trees, sells a range of Christmas tree stands for 4ft to 15ft trees including Cinco, Krinner and Quick Stands. Head to the Christmas tree stand page to see the full selection or read our Choosing a Christmas Tree stand blog post for advice on what is the best stand for you.