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This is our space to share some of the knowledge we've gained over the last 32 years of being in business, supplying real Christmas Trees.

Let there be Lights

Monday, December 14, 2015

We have started stocking LED Christmas lights in white, warm white and colour. These have proved a great success especially as they are LED. In this post we will explain the different types of lights and benefits of LED. 

  • String Lights - These are simple lights that have no variable functions or light patterns 
  • Chaser Lights - With at least 8 different settings these are the type that you can change to reflect your mood- Flashing for the party, slow fade for a quieter evening! 
  • Cluster Lights - These are tightly grouped clusters of lights which look great around windows and mantelpieces. 

The Benefits of LED Christmas Lights 


  1. They don't stop working if one light bulb goes out
  2. They are hard-wearing so don't break easily
  3. They have very low-energy consumption, in fact our cluster lights are rated A**
  4. They can be used inside and outside



    Here is a great example of colour and white chaser lights being used outside. The household in Cirencester have constructed a wooden frame in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorated in lights.

    We sell a range of colour chaser and colour string lights, as well as white chaser lights and white string lights which can be delivered or collected from us at Cirencester Christmas Trees