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This is our space to share some of the knowledge we've gained over the last 32 years of being in business, supplying real Christmas Trees.

What Christmas means to me - growing up in a festive business

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

(Blog by Olivia Drake the eldest of the Drake Daughters)

As Cirencester Christmas Trees has been running for 32 years now, my sisters and I have grown up amongst the business. Over the years we have seen many developments- the introduction of the Non-drop Nordman, people coming in November for trees and of course the move to a more online business. But there are certain elements and traditions that make working in a Christmas tree business a very unique experience (for 4 weeks of the year).   

  • The smell of pine needles

It is the Norway Spruce and the Blue Spruce that have that aromatic, pine fragrance that the non drop Nordmans don't have. 

  • The prickle of holly and Spruce Christmas trees

After the first jab, we all remember to keep our gloves on for the rest of the season. Although the non-drop Nordmans have soft pines  

  • The visits by the robins to snatch a berry or two

Being outside in the countryside, it is always a joy to see a red robin on a crisp morning, they seem to know we are selling fresh holly and come to collect berries off the floor.

  • The jokes about kissing under the mistletoe

We sell small bunches and large boughs of mistletoe so we always hear many a joke about who our customers will, or won’t, be kissing- it is usually when teenage boys start looking very uncomfortable!

  • Netting Christmas trees

We take all of our trees out of nets so people can pick the tree that suits them and then we net it back up for ease of transport.Children find the process fascinating and always want to get netted themselves. 

  • The challenge of fitting a big tree into a very small car

Many customers are always amazed that their car can fit such a big tree. We have fitted many an 8ft + tree in a small mini-style car with the family in it as well. We love the challenge, although we do also offer a delivery service!

  • Decorating wreaths

We sell a range of holly and fir wreaths. We also decorate a small number of one-off fir wreaths which is a chance to be creative and see who’s designs get chosen first (a bit of fun, sibling rivalry).

  • Seeing the families of our customers grow up

Many families consider visiting Cirencester Christmas Trees, in Tarlton, part of their Christmas traditions. It is always lovely to see families growing up and especially touching when grown up children and bring their own children to choose a tree.

Experience for yourselves 

Come and visit us at Cirencester Christmas Trees. We will be open from Friday 20th with the first delivery of trees, and every day until 23rd from 9am to 6pm. Alternatively you can pre-order Christmas trees online and we offer a delivery service around Gloucestershire and some parts of Wiltshire.