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  • Krinner Foot Pump 6ft Christmas Tree Stand

    Krinner Foot Pump 6ft Christmas Tree Stand

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    Trees and Firewood are delivered to Cirencester, Stroud, Tetbury, Cricklade and surrounding villages. Decorations and stands can be shipped around the UK.

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    The Krinner Vbasic small is an easy to use foot pump Christmas Tree stand suitable for up to a 6 ft Christmas tree. Made from polypropylene the 'unbreakable' plastic with rachet clamps, which hold the tree in place, which you secure by pumping with your foot, whilst holding the tree up right, it really is a game changer. The water resevoire means your tree can stay hydrated throughout the Christmas season, with a water indicated  


    Up to 180cm / 6 feet

    Up to 9 cm / 3.5" diameter tree trunk

    1 litres water

    Patented clamping system

    Ratchet tightening and locking

    Built in water reservoir with level indicator

    Easy tree installation

    Saves low branches


    Weighs 3kgs

    Measures 28 cms / 11" in diameter. 

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